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With NAR REALTOR Benefits®, you’ll find a robust roster of vetted business partners who’ve created custom products and services and exclusive member pricing designed to empower you to grow and thrive in your business.


RPR is the nation’s largest property database, exclusively for REALTORS®. RPR puts data, tools, and reports at your fingertips so you can respond to questions and requests instantly, and position yourself as an essential part of every transaction.

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OAR has established a Legal Line to assist members with issues and questions related to the real estate profession. The Legal Line is reserved for members of OAR only. Categories of questions that OAR can assist with include arbitration, Code of Ethics, OREC compliance, contract law, MLS policy, and general real estate law.


Commercial Real Estate is everywhere: your local coffee shop, industrial park, downtown main street, and even the office where you work. NAR has a broad array of resources to help you provide the best service to your clients, and to be the best in your field. From education to advocacy efforts, from networking to property data – NAR works to help you be more profitable, while protecting the commercial real estate industry.

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Mediation is a process that allows members of the OAR to voluntarily resolve disputes in a confidential out-of-court procedure with other members of the association.

In mediation, a neutral, third party helps those in conflict define issues, explore solutions and reach practical, workable, and mutually satisfactory agreements. Mediation seeks to prevent conflicts from escalating, saving everyone involved the time and expense of going to court.

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